The Art Deco gallery offers objects of art and of applied and decoritive arts, designed items from period Art Deco /1918 - 1938/

  • glassworks
  • porcelain and china works
  • ceramic
  • everything for banquet
  • equipment for smokers
  • furniture
  • lighting appliance: chandeliers, lamps etc.
  • clothing and accessories: female and male, dresses for children, hats, furs, gloves, belts, underwear, umbrellas, everything about fashion
  • textile: laces, beat dress applications etc.
  • luggage: cases, handbags, bags etc.
  • cosmetic items: perfume bottles, cosmetic sets, commercial perfume bottles, cosmetic covers etc.
  • costume jewellery of all arts and all materials
  • clocks: table or desk clocks, alarm clocks
  • toys
  • collector´s objects and rarities
  • paintings, drawings and prints
  • designed items of lifestyle from the period Art Deco
  • designed items of 1950-s. and 1960-s.

Purchase of objects in the time of opening hours or after arrangment. We can come visit you and your collections, free transport.